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Enzo Veloso

Artiste Personne Morale • thedensecompany




Born in (unknown) (unknown, Italy?)

Lives and works (unknown)

Enzo’s life is a mystery. His poetry seems to be his biography.

Enzo Veloso’s work has been or will be published all over the world. His words turned paintings (with the participation of Yukico ¥, C.A.L.I. or others) belong or will soon belong to several public and private collections around the world.

A creation in and of itself, this biography is constantly changing. Stay tuned.

The Biographer

© 2023, PAROLE D'ENZO. diariopoético.

by ENZO VELOSO (Artiste Personne Morale • thedensecompany)

"Every morning when you’ll go to feed the chicken starved by the starless night, think of me."

Parole d’Enzo

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