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Artiste Personne Morale • thedensecompany



Multi-national association.

Born in 2016 in Brouilly (France).

Lives and works everywhere.

axé [ashè] means vital energy in Yoruba language. axé is a collective force. A collaborative force.

axé’s work has been or will be exhibited at Cidade das Artes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Caleta Art Center (Mexico City, Mexico), Cité de la Musique (Paris, France), Les Rencontres de Brouilly (Brouilly, France), Fonoteca National (Mexico City, Mexico), Museu de la Música (Barcelona, Spain) among others.  

axé’s works belong or will soon belong to several public and private collections around the world.

A creation in and of itself, this biography is constantly changing. Stay tuned.

The Biographer (Artiste Personne Morale • thedesecompany)

© 2022, CONTAINMENT&BEYOND. diariosonoro.

by AXÉ (Artiste Personne Morale • thedensecompany)

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